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Audit and Risk Committee Meeting 07.11.23

By David Perkins, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit & Risk Committee met again on the 7th of November and took one and a half hours to talk through all the operational risk and compliance activity that is currently underway across the Trust. 

In this meeting, focus was also given to how governors and trustees can effectively support Trust staff in a number of areas, including the inevitable resource impact of excessive requests for information. We discussed opportunities for learning across the Trust, process efficiencies, and strategic planning which will be explored further whilst still ensuring the correct level of confidentiality.

As always, there was strong representation from Trust staff to respond to the challenges from the Trustees and I would like to thank them once again for their dedication. As a trustee, it is good to report that the Trust continues to have a strong ethos relating to risk, and auditing is clearly effective in highlighting any areas for improvement.

Funding continues to be critical in making improvements across the Trust, and we are exploring opportunities wherever available. If any readers have any suggestions, then we would love to hear from you.