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Vision, Values and Strategy


To have transformed aspirations, changed attitudes and raised achievements for our community through our passionate belief in the power of education.



Our key driver is the focus on continuous improvement. We develop learners, both staff and children, to do this. This aspiration to achieve excellence underpins all that we do.

By combining the unique character of each school, we will work innovatively, share best practice and be accountable for positive outcomes for all learners.

Work Together

Members of the OWN Trust share a commitment to working together and making the best use of the collective expertise that we have. 

All our schools, as well as partners outside of OWN Trust, work together to accomplishing things that would not be possible alone while maintaining each school's distinctive character.

We work together with parents, children, pupils, staff and the wider OWN Trust community, to put learners at the heart of everything we do.


We are passionate about nurturing a love of learning so that our children, staff and families have the best opportunity to thrive.

Our core moral leadership recognises, values and enhances the experiences of our learners.

We want to excite and motivate those who work with us and create real joy around learning.


As a Trust, OWN wants to ensure that it has a positive impact on staff as well as children and can do this by adhering to the ideals of ‘Opportunity, Work Together, Nurture’. 

Our hope is for OWN Trust to grow and have a wider impact on children beyond our current schools, whilst maintaining the strengths that are currently in place.

The 4 primary themes of Our Passion, Our Family, Our Purpose and Our Future help us to build our strategy and link directly to the specific aims included in the OWN Trust Improvement Plan.

To discover our ambitious strategy for the next five years, please click on the link below: