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Audit and Risk Committee Meeting 13.02.34

By David Perkins, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee, OWN Trust

As always, the Trust's Audit & Risk Committee focused on the standard subjects of Estates, Finance, and IT with the aim of further identifying any areas for improvement. We are pleased to report that the approach to People, Process, and Technology is continuing to result in positive outcomes for the pupils, parents/carers, and staff, which has been externally recognised.


The news of the CEO's intended retirement reminds us that we need to be aware of the risks associated with key roles and the need for succession planning. It has long been recognised that the OWN Trust has been very fortunate in attracting highly experienced, skilled, and dedicated staff and volunteers, but it's not something that we've ever been complacent about. It is a risk that we will continuously review to identify any threats (and of course, opportunities), and we will carry on actively campaigning for new governors and trustees to help grow the trust.