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Audit & Risk Committee Meeting 23.05.23

By David Perkins, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee, OWN Trust

The Audit & Risk Committee met again in May 2023 and focused on IT and compliance audits. We're pleased to report that the Trust is making continuous improvement and its knowledge and management of operational systems and school practices is starting to make a positive impact.

OWN Trust has unfortunately been unable to secure additional funding for some maintenance requirements, but thankfully there was enough money available to install a much-needed new boiler system for Nene Valley Primary School. We will continue to seek funding for the other improvements but as you may appreciate, there is a significant list of maintenance jobs to complete and prioritisation is critical to keep the three schools running smoothly.

No new risks have been identified, but it has been recognised that the scoring of existing risks needs to be frequently reviewed due to factors outside the Trust’s control. The aim as always is to ensure that the OWN Trust remains a viable concern, a great place to work, and somewhere that the children will think positively about, both now and in years to come.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash