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Curriculum Review Evening 27.09.23

By Trevor Goakes, Executive Deputy Headteacher, OWN Trust

On Wednesday 27th September 2023, OWN Trust held a Curriculum Review evening. The event took place at Woodston Primary School and was very well attended by Governors, Associate Governors, Trustees and staff from all three schools within the trust.


Stuart Mansell (CEO, OWN Trust) welcomed everyone to the evening, especially new governors and Headteachers. Trevor Goakes (Executive Deputy Headteacher, OWN Trust) then followed by explaining who was presenting that evening.


The three Math Leads including the Maths Champion for the Trust started their presentation. Examples of Maths work was shared and demonstrated a common vision from all three schools. The leaders explained about how Maths has several similarities across the Trust (including the scheme it is based on) and how collaboration has improved what each school offers for their children.

Data summaries for the last academic years were explored with celebrations and areas for development identified. All three leaders led on a section about their school and those present were pleased to see how all three schools had celebrated similar strengths and that the schools had identified areas to work on. This led onto the final slide about future ideas for the maths team including more cross-school moderation and mathematical events along with a shared CPD focus.

Phonics and Early Reading

The second part of the evening was led by the Phonics and Early reading leads including the Phonics Champion for the Trust. They explained how a new scheme had been implemented across all schools in the Trust. This had immediately had an impact on consistency of the teaching of phonics across the OWN Trust.

They continued with how phonics is only one, although important part, in children having a love for reading. The leaders explained how the scheme worked throughout the day and the week, and how the children were reading and writing more. The children were enjoying their reading as they were becoming more successful as they read the book three times in a week focussing on different skills throughout the week. Assessment is used to track the children’s understanding and match them to an appropriate book. Parental Engagement has also been key in supporting the children with books being sent home electronically. The scheme also has useful videos for parents to watch to help their children learn to read.


Throughout the two presentations the six leaders were passionate and knowledgeable. They were also recognised for the positive outcomes from the latest round of Ofsted.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening with the added bonus of delicious refreshments. I would like to thank the six leaders for their hard work and super presentations. I would also like thank all those that turned up in their own time to listen and appreciate the hard work that continues in our trust.


Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash