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Governance Volunteer Roles May 2024

Would you like to volunteer at OWN Trust as a Member, Trustee or Local Governance Committee Member?

A little of your time goes a long way in OWN Trust! We are currently recruiting volunteers for these essential roles that enable our children to thrive and our schools to flourish.

Joining OWN as a trustee, local governor or Member contributes to the local community, helps secure a good start in life for the children in our area and will contribute to Peterborough’s future.  

Trustees, local governors, and members of OWN Trust are all volunteers. The roles are unpaid but hugely rewarding, and we support you throughout with training, guidance, and mentoring. The time commitment, duties and expectations vary by role, so even if you have limited time available, we are still keen to hear from you. 

To find out more, please visit OWN Trust - Governance Volunteering Roles

Please contact us to discover more about Governance Volunteering at OWN Trust.