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Instructional Coaching and Therapeutic Thinking - Teacher Training Day 15.04.24

By Trevor Goakes, Executive Deputy Headteacher, OWN Trust

On Monday the 15th of April 2024, the Teacher Training Day included sessions on Instructional Coaching (Orton Wistow Primary School and Nene Valley Primary School) and Therapeutic Thinking (Woodston Primary School).

The Instructional Coaching aimed to embed the use of WalkThrus through an updated approach where teachers have a coach to support them, an initiative that will take place across the trust. Nick File led the session using a WalkThru as an example and showed how the coaching model can be applied to support teachers with their implementation. Teachers from Nene Valley Primary School and Orton Wistow Primary School came together in year groups to discuss how to apply a WalkThru and how a coach can help support this within the classroom.

It offered a very effective way for a teacher to model the start of the lesson, and having an individual coach is a great way to develop teacher practice.

Therapeutic Thinking was an opportunity to look at a new behaviour system for Woodston Primary School. Becky Ford (Headteacher) and Laura Brough (Assistant Headteacher) led the whole-day session on a new approach to behaviour, giving the theory behind this approach including techniques for all staff to use with the children. 

All staff from Woodston Primary School came together to hear the theory behind this new approach to behaviour management. Becky and Laura also gave examples of how to deal with children who may be struggling with their behaviour and how to try to regulate them.

Becky Ford commented: "It was lovely to have the whole staff together, and they were positive with their engagement."