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Leadership Group Meeting 11.01.24

By Stuart Mansell, CEO, OWN Trust

January 11th saw the monthly Leadership Group meeting take place at Woodston Primary. This time, the CEO, Headteachers, and Executive Deputies welcomed Fiona Schneider, OWN Trust’s Marketing and Communications Officer.

The first part of the meeting was to discuss the Trust’s expectations of schools in respect of social media. The schools have previously operated differently, and it had been intended for some consistency and alignment to take place. This hasn’t been as easy as originally planned with so many recent developments in the world of social media; particularly around the use of Twitter/X. A recent survey of parents had given some suggestions about what they needed and this is probably going to lead to some changes in the direction of Facebook. The Leadership group confirmed their support and now a strategy will be developed and implemented in the coming months.

The rest of the meeting agenda was given over to the following:

  • Building the membership of the Trust ‘Growth Group’ that will start to implement the Trust Marketing Strategy for Growth;
  • Responses to our recent cybersecurity audit that identifies where we are keeping children and the Trust safe and where we can develop further;
  • Plans for a cross-Trust arts project that will involve all schools;
  • Challenging the current pupil outcomes forecasts (SATs) so that we are aspiring for the best from our children;

There were also more routine conversations about items such as plans for the content of the Trust training day in April so that it brings staff together and joint staff meetings in each term (in June looking at moderation of writing).

An update on the current Trust Improvement Plan enabled us to look at each of the four areas:

  1. Our Passion;
  2. Our Family;
  3. Our Purpose and
  4. Our Future.

It was a very full agenda for a 2-hour meeting, but everyone left knowing that OWN Trust is in a really strong place as it moves forward to the next stage in its development. Isolated schools outside the Trust don’t automatically have the benefit of a monthly meeting with such experienced leaders, where mutual support for wellbeing is so crucial and so easily provided.