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Leadership Group Meeting 12.10.23

By Stuart Mansell, CEO, OWN Trust

On Thursday 12th October the monthly meeting of OWN Trust’s Leadership Group took place; this time at Orton Wistow.

Attended by all Headteachers, and Executive Deputies and chaired by the CEO, there was the usual high level of focus with so many aspects of the Trust’s work to discuss. Key agenda items included the Trust’s new Communications Guidance which has been developed by the Marketing and Communications Officer (Fiona Schneider) alongside Trevor Goakes and Nick File, the Trust’s Executive Deputies. This provides clear guidance and expectations around communication both within and beyond the Trust and its schools, including staff, parents, and other stakeholders.

Also covered in the meeting were the Trust’s Performance review processes. Led by reviewees and with an aim to be developmental rather than ‘judgmental’, the process involves very regular but brief updates and support to ensure that staff are enabled to perform at their very best for the sake of the children. Currently meeting the statutory requirement of having a performance review in place for teaching staff, the process will start to be rolled out to all staff in due course.

Another aspect covered in depth in the meeting was the development of a shared approach to teaching and learning and the pedagogies that are used. This is not about everyone in the Trust teaching in the same way, but having a list of identifiable factors that improve teaching and using them to support reflective staff who are continually improving.
The next meeting will take place in November and will include an in-depth look at current forecasts for pupil outcomes in 2024.