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Leadership Group Meeting 21.06.22

By Trevor Goakes, Deputy Headteacher, Woodston Primary School (OWN Trust)

On 21st June 2022, the Leadership Group Meeting took place at Orton Wistow Primary School.  Those who attended included the CEO of OWN Trust (Stuart Mansell), the Headteachers of Orton Wistow Primary School (Simon Eardley), Nene Valley Primary School (Nick File) and Woodston Primary School (Jacki Mitchell), together with the Deputy Headteachers of Orton Wistow Primary School (Colin Marks) and Woodston Primary School (Trevor Goakes).

The Leadership Group is an informal advisory committee supporting the Trust Board, as detailed within the scheme of delegation. It advises on overall strategic areas such as Trust-wide vision and values and setting Trust objectives for improvement, through to operational matters such as policy development and quality assurance of the curriculum and its effectiveness.

The meeting covered the following areas:

  • Action Tracker was reviewed and updated.
  • Information to/from the Trust including: NPQLL, Health and Safety handbook, Branding launch and SEND strategy.
  • Pay and workforce – how performance and pay for teachers is to be adapted and to be viewed separately.
  • Standards – Trust data for phonics in Y1 and Y2, EYFS GLD data, KS1 and KS2 data was briefly looked at.