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Multiplication Times Table Check 2024

By Elizabeth Hobday, OWN Trust Mathematics Impact Network Champion and Class Teacher at Woodston Primary School

At the beginning of June, all of our Year 4 children across OWN Trust took their Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. This is a statutory check where Year 4 pupils have to recall their times tables fluently. The children have six seconds per question to submit their answer and twenty-five questions to answer in total. It was brilliant to witness the confidence of our Year 4 pupils who were keen to demonstrate their speedy recall of their times tables.

At OWN Trust, we have chosen that the children complete the online test using iPads as this reflects their everyday experience using iPads to enhance their learning. At all schools, we use online platforms and games that provide regular opportunities for children to rehearse their times tables. In addition, we ensure we teach times table strategies so that children deeply understand the relationship and patterns within, and between, different times tables.

We eagerly await the Multiplication Tables Check results but are already confident that the children have demonstrated their wonderful knowledge and ‘can-do’ attitude.