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Office Managers' Meeting 24.02.22

By Sadie Wiles, CFO, OWN Trust

On 24th February 2022, the latest Office Managers' Meeting took place at the OWN Trust Office at Woodston Primary School.

In attendance were Sharon Davey (Office Manager at Woodston Primary School), Kate Mclaughlin (Office Manager at Orton Wistow Primary School), Samantha Bottomley (Office Manager at Nene Valley Primary School), and Sadie Wiles (Chief Financial Officer at OWN Trust).

The aim was to update the Office Managers on the latest news from the Department for Education, the Education Skills Funding Agency, and the Trust.

Updates were given on a new staff member, Sophie Lewis, who is joining the Trust office on 1st March 2022, including the nature of her role and how she would interact with the school offices. 

The Trust has also purchased additional modules within its compliance system: the policies and asset manager. This development is exciting as it is another step towards aligning practices and ensuring compliance across the Trust.

The Office Managers' Meeting provided an opportunity to work together, share best practice, knowledge and tips, and support each other in achieving our goals.