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OWN Trust Community Working Party Meeting 22.06.22

By Fiona Schneider, Digital Lead, OWN Trust

On Wednesday 22nd June 2022, the second meeting of the OWN Trust Community Working Party took place at Woodston Primary School. Representatives from each of the Trust schools - Kelly Bradshaw-Fenton (WPS) and Hayley Fidgett (OWPS) - together with Stuart Mansell (OWN Trust CEO) and Fiona Schneider attended the meeting. Carly Pearson (NVPS) sent her apologies.

We looked at the results of the recent staff questionnaire which aimed to find out if staff felt they belonged to the OWN Trust Community.  The results were very positive with only a small proportion feeling that they did not belong, and some feeling that 'maybe' they belonged, mainly due to not having yet had an opportunity to meet with counterparts from other schools because of COVID-19 restrictions.  

For those people who do feel part of the OWN Trust Community, the following reasons were given:

  • Moderation meetings 

  • Being involved in School Partnership Programme 

  • Good communications 

  • Opportunities to network 

  • CPD and Training opportunities 

  • Senior Leaders and Trust staff being visible and approachable 

  • Trust Newsletter providing information 

  • Regular meetings with counterparts giving a shared sense of direction 

  • Borrowing/sharing resources increases contact 

  • People taking an interest in roles and opinions 

  • Positive and encouraging working relationships 

  • Subject level meetings 

  • SEND, Safeguarding, Leadership, Office managers meetings, and PE links 

  • Sharing good practice to have a consistent approach 

We then discussed how to increase people's sense of belonging with more opportunities for people to forge meaningful links across the Trust and across job roles. We identified the following opportunities, many of which are already taking place and will be strengthened during the new academic year:

  • Professional Events e.g. Training, CPD inset days 

  • Professional Collaboration e.g subject leader meetings, shadowing, mentors 

  • Staff Social Events involving whole schools or groups 

  • Interschool events involving children and staff, with parents attending 

  • Community/Charity Events involving staff and children 

  • Digital links 

Stuart has asked the Working Party to present on their work so far at the Trust Day on 02/09/22. 

The date of next meeting is Wednesday 16th November 2022 at 1pm.