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OWN Trust Display Boards

By Fiona Schneider, Marketing and Communications Officer, OWN Trust

As part of the Community Group's work on developing robust Internal Communications Guidelines, we have established a Trust Display Board in each of the schools' staff rooms.

These display boards aim to provide a visual hub for news and information about the trust, and an effective means of enabling communications between staff across the trust. 

After agreeing on the layout and content of the boards, the Community Representatives in each school (Mia Downs and Kelly Fenton-Bradshaw at Woodston Primary School, Jo Simmons, and Emily Gray at Orton Wistow Primary School, and Carly Pearson and Lucy Fogg at Nene Valley Primary School) worked with Fiona Schneider (Marketing and Communications Officer) to put up the boards.

We hope that the boards will be a valuable source of information. Each board includes the following:

  • Photos, job titles, and contact details for staff in the trust central office
  • How to report an IT or Estates issue
  • Vacancies 
  • News - with QR codes that can be scanned to view the OWN Trust news and news in Orton Wistow, Woodston, and Nene Valley Primary Schools
  • OWN Trust's vision
  • Events
  • How to give feedback about the trust and record CPD and training via QR codes

The boards will be kept up-to-date by the Marketing and Communications Officer, with the help of the Community Representatives, and reviewed annually to make sure the content is meeting the needs of the community.

A big thank you to the Community Representatives for their help in making the boards look eye-catching and informative!