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OWN Trust Members and Vice Chair of Trustees Visit to the Schools

By Trevor Goakes, Executive Deputy Headteacher, OWN Trust

On Wednesday 8th May, we had the pleasure of the OWN Trust Members and the Vice Chair of Trustees touring the OWN Trust schools at Woodston, Orton Wistow, and Nene Valley. Members and Trustees (along with Local Governance Committee Members) are voluntary roles, and we continue to be very grateful for their support of the schools and Trust.  

The group of visitors included Christine Moss (Member), Maxine Ward (Member), Cathy Brown (Member), and Sally Williams (Vice Chair of Trustees). It was an opportunity for them to gain a better understanding of the schools within OWN Trust and see the Trust's vision and values in practice.

The group was guided by Trevor Goakes and visited each of the schools throughout the day, popping into classrooms and talking to staff. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive. 

A huge thank you to all the staff who said ‘hello’ or answered some of their questions. The group was grateful for how friendly everyone was and how welcoming the OWN trust schools were. They were also delighted by the children's behaviour and how polite and friendly they were. Thank you to the Orton Wistow Primary School catering team for hosting lunch and also to everyone for the kind offer of refreshments throughout the day. 

Trevor commented: "This day highlighted to me again what a great place OWN is to work and all the hard work everyone puts in to get us to this point."