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OWN Trust Strategy Group Meeting 23.05.23

By Stuart Mansell, CEO, OWN Trust

OWN Trust Strategy Group had its latest half termly meeting on 23rd May. Actions from the last meeting had been completed, including securing a speaker for our Trust development session in the autumn. We’re very excited but can’t release details just yet! Joint curriculum sessions for the schools within the trust will take place in September, allowing all 3 schools to present to all governors for the first time. This is particularly useful on the occasions where the schools are using the same schemes, materials or approaches, such as Little Wandle for phonics provision.

We have new governors starting at all 3 schools, which is a huge benefit when such sought after volunteers are so hard to recruit. To support our Local Governance committees and particularly our Governance and Compliance Manager (GCM), we have hopefully recruited a new clerk to cover their meetings. This will free up our GCM to focus on strategic management of governance across OWN Trust.

Finally, we covered the planned centralisation of IT and Estates support for our schools, ensuring both more consistent support and enhanced efficiencies.

The Chair (Mary Foreman), Vice-chair (David Perkins), GCM (Jan Neish) and CEO (Stuart Mansell) ended the meeting by finalising how stakeholders would be communicated with at the end of another successful academic year.