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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that making the transition from being a local authority school to being part of an Academy Trust is a big step. Below you'll find some frequently asked questions. We hope the answers will explain more about how the OWN Trust works and what joining us will mean for everyone involved.

If you need more help or have another question, please contact us.

FAQs for schools 

Will OWN Trust want us to be the same as the other schools in the Trust?

In OWN Trust's family of schools, each school's unique identity is celebrated but with alignment of some of the operating systems. 

What are the benefits of joining OWN Trust?

Please visit Benefits for Schools to see how joining OWN Trust will benefit your school.

Will OWN Trust change the name of our school?

No – the name of the school will stay the same.

Will there be changes to the term times?

Term dates for all our Trust schools are the same and are broadly in line with the Local Authority term dates, but there are some differences. Term dates are discussed and agreed with Headteachers well in advance and parents notified.

Will OWN Trust change our uniform?

No - the school uniform will stay the same.

Will there be changes to the length of the day?

There are no plans to change the length of the school day as long as it is in line with government guidance. Changes could be made, but these would only be done after full consultation with parents and staff.

If we join the Trust, will employees have to go and work in other schools?

The Trust does not move staff from school to school unless the member of staff is involved in a professional development opportunity to share ideas with colleagues in other schools, and this would be done in consultation with the relevant staff member.

What happens to our governing body?

The governing body of each school will remain in place as they are an important part of how a school moves forward. Here at OWN Trust, we call them Local Governance Committees. The scheme of delegation clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities of our Local Governance Committees (LGC).

Our LGCs are important contributors to their schools and the Trust. The Chair of Trustees meets regularly with the Chairs of governance committees.

How long does it take to join OWN Trust?

There is a process to follow which is explained in the Department of Education's publication, Convert to an academy: guide for schools. Schools that want to join OWN Trust work in partnership with us to determine the time frame that suits their context.

FAQs for Employees

What will happen to employees when the school joins OWN Trust?

All employees at the school become employees of OWN Trust when a school joins us. This process is called TUPE.

What is TUPE?

TUPE is the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations. It protects employees’ terms and conditions of employment when a business is transferred from one owner to another. Employees of the previous local authority or Multi Academy Trust become employees of the new employer (OWN Trust) on at least the same terms and conditions. Continuity of service and any other rights are all preserved. Both old and new employers are required to inform and consult employees affected directly or indirectly by the transfer.

What is the consultation period?

Under TUPE Regulations there is no set period for consultation, other than it must be reasonable. However, if measures are proposed, then a specified timescale may be required.

How will the consultation be conducted?

The school will probably arrange both group and individual consultation meetings. It is usual for an individual consultation meeting to be arranged at any point during the consultation period, or if you have any specific issues.

How will my pension fund be affected by joining the OWN Trust?

OWN Trust is a recognised Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) employer in its own right. All members of staff will remain members of the LGPS and the Teachers’ Pension schemes, with the same benefits and contributions.

Will I be able to meet with OWN Trust before the transfer takes place?

As part of the consultation process, there is a requirement for staff to meet with the new employer. It is usual for the Trust to be invited to one of your TUPE meetings.

Will my job description need amending?

Job descriptions will transfer as part of terms and conditions. They will only need to be amended if they need updating.

Will staff be issued with new contracts?

No, staff will be issued with a variation to contract letter if there are any new measures e.g., confirming the change of pay date to the 28th of the month. 

Do we have the same annual leave entitlement, bank holidays, and concessionary or additional days' leave given during the Christmas period?

Annual leave is contractual, therefore it will be transfered with you.

Where will I be located?

You will remain working at your current school.

Can OWN Trust make future changes to the pension scheme and rates of contributions?

No. Contribution rates and bands are part of legislation. OWN Trust will be responsible for on-going liabilities for the pension fund.

Will OWN Trust increase salary in-line with Government salary increases?

Yes, the Trust is committed to observing national pay and conditions, including salary increases.

What will OWN Trust's position be on salary scales moving forward?

There are no plans to move away from the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, and the advisory pay points that Local Authorities current use.

Can pay scales be changed?

Only if a Trust moves away from the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document. This has not been considered as a positive move for employees and the intention is to stay with STPCD.